Mugen Ranma 1/2 Sea Noon Background

mars 28th, 2013

Still from SNES battle game : Ranma 1/2 hard battle, here’s the sea at noon.

A big thanks to Dark Saviour for his help on Triggers, usefull for this stage.

Mugen Ranma 1/2 Bay Noon background

mars 25th, 2013

I’ve converted the background of Ranma chan from Hard Battle Ranma game on SNES to Mugen format.

That was the quickest conversion I’ve ever made for now.

Enjoy !

Mugen Ranma 1/2 Hard Battle background Ranma chan

Mugen Ranma 1/2 Bay Day background

mars 22nd, 2013

I’ve converted the Ranma kun stage from Ranma 1/2 Hard Battle, SNES.

What, ugly black borders? Perhaps, again…

Mugen Ranma 1/2 Ghosthouse

mars 19th, 2013

From SNES Ranma 1/2 Hard Battle, here’s Gosunkugi’s stage (Ghosthouse).

Ghost House Mugen Ranma Hard Battle

Mugen Ranma 1/2 Hard Battle Secret Stage

mars 14th, 2013

I’ve converted the secret stage of Ranma 1/2 Hard Battle from SNES to Mugen.

Thanks to Cybaster and Dark Saviour to help me finish this zone. So it have two different definitions using each method.


Mugen Ranma 1/2 Secret Stage