TonyADV Bastard !! Fighting Game with partial translation

novembre 11th, 2014

With the help of Alex Sinigaglia I’ve translated a part of TonyADV Bastard !! Fighting Game.

Hope you’ll like it.

To change the langage, simply change the ‘language’ line in Mugen.cfg you have italien (it) native on for all, english (en) and french (fr) for some storyboards (not all).

I quit the translation for now and it’s far not finished, due to my lazy work. Perhaps I’ll continue it in some monthes.

TonyADV’s Bastard !! The fighting Game

mai 16th, 2014

I’m very proud to host Tony’s ADV’s full game, with his permission.

It’s based on Bastard !! Manga by HAGIWARA Kazushi.

Bastard !! The Fighting Game

Hosted Mugen Stuff directly available

mai 8th, 2014

All Mugen works for other authors than me, hosted with their permission, is now more easely downloadable.

The Mugen Museum Matrix screenpack

mai 2nd, 2014

I’ve released the Mugen Museum Matrix screenpack. It’s an HD screenpack that could host 18 200 characters.

Available in the screenpack page.

Blog migration… French only

avril 3rd, 2014

For all french readers, the personnal part of this blog has migrate to my old wordpress account (compatibility issue with new systems, and old version).

This site will soon (this day) be cleaned, all personnal and critics removed and only Mugen kept.

Maybe this site will also be totally relaunch for Mugen only.

En français : Les humeurs et avis sont par là et ici il ne restera bientôt plus que du Mugen.