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TonyADV’s Bastard !! The fighting Game

Vendredi, mai 16th, 2014

I’m very proud to host Tony’s ADV’s full game, with his permission.

It’s based on Bastard !! Manga by HAGIWARA Kazushi.

Bastard !! The Fighting Game

Hosted Mugen Stuff directly available

Jeudi, mai 8th, 2014

All Mugen works for other authors than me, hosted with their permission, is now more easely downloadable.

The Mugen Museum Matrix screenpack

Vendredi, mai 2nd, 2014

I’ve released the Mugen Museum Matrix screenpack. It’s an HD screenpack that could host 18 200 characters.

Available in the screenpack page.

Mugen Ranma 1/2 Casino Stage (King)

Mercredi, avril 10th, 2013

Last but not least, here’s the Casino from King Gamble, still from SNES Hard Battle Ranma game, and still with ugly black borders.
Enjoy !
Mugen King Gamble Casino Stage from Ranma 1/2 SNES Game

Mugen Ranma 1/2 Circus (Mousse) Stage

Samedi, avril 6th, 2013

Here’s a new stage for Mugen. Extracted from Ranma 1/2 Hard Battle for Snes.

This Mousse stage, in a circus.

Ranma 1/2 Circus stage for mugen